Accounting is often thought of as routine and boring. Whitten, Horton and Gibney prides itself on being involved in the excitement of providing useful information for business operators and individuals. Essentially, we do not function as historians but as proactive consultants. Your goals and ours should be on parallel tracks.


Whitten, Horton and Gibney provides traditional accounting, tax and auditing services to the State of Connecticut and beyond. Additionally, we have expertise in consulting, estate and financial planning and performing audits of not-for-profit entities. We also provide business valuations when needed for estate, divorce and acquisitions and dispositions of business and professional organizations.


Over the many years of our firm’s existence in New Haven County we have served multi-million dollar businesses of all types as well as sole proprietorships, partnerships and professional practices. Each is important and receives prompt attention from highly motivated partners, associates and staff. We are delighted to provide references on request.