Zelly B. Goldberg

Zelly B. Goldberg

Joined WH+G 2007
Quinnipiac University 1961

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Specializes in:
-estate planning
-real estate

Contact Zelly: zgoldberg@whgcpa.com
203-795-6777 x316

Zelly Goldberg, a 1961 graduate of Quinnipiac University, was employed in the practice of public accounting for five years before starting his own firm.

He was a partner in Goldberg and Zuffelato CPA’s for many years before merging with Whitten, Horton, + Gibney in 2007.

Zelly has extensive experience in taxation and auditing and is also knowledgeable in the area of estate planning. He also provides services to many clients in construction, the health industry and real estate.